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Diagnosis of genetic diseases



The main advantage of preimplantation genetic diagnosis is patient confidence in the transfer of a healthy embryo. Experienced embryologists of the DAHNO Clinic will help you to choose the best research method to make the dream of long-awaited fatherhood and motherhood a reality.
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What methods of genetic diagnosis are possible?

Preimplantation genetic diagnostics in the DAHNO clinic is carried out by two methods:
- CGH;
- if necessary,  use a combination of methods.

Who needs PGD?

Diagnosis is recommended for married couples with an increased risk of congenital anomalies in children, which is not associated with carrying the diagnosed mutations. The following cases are in the risk zone:
- mother's age exceeds 35 years;
- father's age is over 39 years;
- the father has severe disorders of spermatogenesis;
- married couple with habitual miscarriage;
- spouses with repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts.

Why should you think about genetic testing of embryos?

PGD allows you to get the following benefits:
- selection and transfer to the uterus only of those embryos which do not have chromosomal abnormalities;
- reducing the risk of giving birth to a child with certain genetic defects;
- reduction of risk of miscarriage (approximately 50%);
- reduction of risk of multiple births (approximately 50%);
- increase the chance of successful implantation (approximately 10%);
- increase in chances of successful birth of the child (approximately by 15-20%).

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