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What do you need to start?



According to statistics, every fifth couple is faced with difficulties in conception. Experts recommend not to hesitate to see a doctor. If pregnancy does not occur after a year of unprotected sex life, this is an indisputable reason to start an examination. DAKHNO specialists will do their best to bring you closer to the long-awaited happiness of motherhood and fatherhood.
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What do you need to start examining?

Usually, a spouse feels confused and often does not know where to start and how to properly prepare for a visit to a reproductive clinic. The first step is choosing a medical center with experienced staff and modern equipment. Trust in the Clinic and the doctor is also an indisputable aspect in achieving the result. The next step is to sign up for a consultation.

How to prepare for your first consultation?

Dahno reproductive doctors recommend a comprehensive examination package for primary patients, including an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs for a woman, a spermogram for a man and consultation of the spouses based on the results.

Better to visit a fertility specialist together. The reason for not getting pregnant can be related to both the woman and the man. Joint consultation is a good idea not only from the point of view of eliminating the male or female factor at the same time, but also from the point of view of psychological support for each other.

Find preliminary results of studies related to the issue of conception, if any. Your medical records can help your doctor make a diagnosis. Take your passports with you and plan your visit to the clinic 40-60 minutes before the appointed time. This will allow you to fill out your data required for the formation of a medical card, take a spermogram, and visit a doctor with the result without fuss.

When is it better to come for an ultrasound? How to prepare for the analysis of a man?

You should not adjust to the women's calendar. Each phase of the cycle is informative in its own way, ultrasound during menstruation is also performed.

For reliability of result of the spermogram of the man it is necessary to adhere to the following conditions: 3-4 days of sexual rest, abstinence from alcohol, strong physical activities, high temperatures (baths, saunas).

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Why choose DAHNO?
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