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Reasons of infertility



Identifying the reason for not getting pregnant is the first step towards success. Whatever the reason, there is always a solution. Specialists of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO will help to achieve the desired result.
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What does the examination of a man include?

The first and most important analysis is spermogram. Additional research: MAR-test, HBA-test, genetic analyzes. Depending on the results, a drug treatment regimen to improve performance, or one of the assisted reproductive technology programs may be offered.

How to exclude uterine and tubal factors of infertility?

Checking the fallopian tubes for patency is carried out using ultrasound / X-ray (sono / metrosalpingography) or laparoscopy. If the result is disappointing and there is no permeability, the only way out is IVF.

Depending on the cause, the uterine factor is established both by ultrasound and by complex instrumental methods - hysteroscopy or laparoscopy. When pathological changes are detected, complex treatment is indicated. In case of serious damage, as it is impossible for the onset of pregnancy, it is recommended to use the services of surrogacy.

What else could be the reason for not getting pregnant?

Immunological infertility is confirmed by laboratory tests. Immunological infertility is confirmed in the laboratory. The way out (depending on the diagnosis) is medical treatment with control of dangerous markers that prevent the onset and successful course of pregnancy, or IVF treatment program.

Endocrine pathology. The hormonal profile is checked, consultation and examination of the thyroid gland by an endocrinologist. According to the result, corrective treatment is carried out.

Psychological factor. Don't underestimate the emotional side of the problem. Sometimes a professional counseling from a psychologist makes incredible progress towards pregnancy.

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