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Information about men`s infertility in certain regions of the country, including Kyiv, is very heterogeneous and contradictory. All this means a low level of diagnosis and incomplete registration of male infertility. Despite the fact that the examination of a man is quite simple and short-term, the patient does not always decide to go to a reproductive medicine clinic for diagnosis.
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What analysis should you start the examination with?

The first and most important analysis is the spermogram. This requires both special equipment (sperm counting chamber, laboratory centrifuge) and a highly qualified staff. In addition, an important aspect is the possibility of cryopreservation of biological material, if necessary.

What are the main indicators characterizing the spermogram?

Spermogram is a fairly simple and affordable research method. The price for a spermogram at the Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO is 600 UAH. The result is ready within 1 hour. The analysis evaluates:
- the volume of ejaculate,
- total number of sperm and their concentration (15 million per ml is considered the norm.)
- sperm motility;
- structure.

The analysis allows us to draw a conclusion about a person's reproductive health, and also show the presence of an inflammatory process.

How to prepare for a spermogram?

To obtain reliable information, the preparation conditions should be observed: 3-4 days of sexual abstinence, refusal from alcohol, avoidance of overheating of the genitals. Dahno clinic specialists recommend repeating the analysis only if the result differs from the norm.

What do the resulting diagnoses mean?

Common deviations from the norm:
Oligospermia - the volume of ejaculate is less than normal.
Oligozoospermia - insufficient sperm count.
Asthenozoospermia - sperm have low motility, which cannot guarantee fertilization or makes it difficult.
Teratozoospermia - abnormal spermatozoa are found in excess of the established norms.
Azoospermia - spermatozoa are completely absent in the ejaculate.

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