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Diagnosis of male infertility фото 44

Diagnosis of male infertility



The Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO offers its services for the diagnosis of infertility in men. Unfortunately, despite the wide range of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, the cause of male infertility can not always be established. But DAHNO experts are firmly convinced that whatever the reason, any man can become and will definitely become a father!
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What can male infertility be related to?

The main causes of male infertility are disorders of spermatogenesis and sperm secretion.
Factors that may impair on male fertility:
- congenital or acquired pathologies of the genitourinary system;
- malignant tumors;
- urogenital infections
- fever of the scrotum (for example, due to varicocele)
- endocrine disorders;
- genetic abnormalities;
- immunological factor.

What test does a man need to undergo?

The main test that starts the study in men is the spermogram.
Specialists of the embryological laboratory evaluate the quantity of ejaculate and its quality: the structure of sperm, their motility.
Men`s test may also include:
- MAR test;
- assessment of hormonal background;
- infectious screening;
- genetic research.

Is it enough to do a spermogram once?

To obtain reliable information, it is necessary to analyze the spermogram twice or even three times. Detection of persistent changes is a prerequisite for referring the patient to a deeper diagnosis and treatment. If there is a risk of progress to deterioration in sperm quality, the patient is advised to cryopreserve their biological material as soon as possible.

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