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Aesthetic gynecology


Aesthetic gynecology is an innovative way of medicine, designed to solve a number of delicate problems without surgery:
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- defects of the genital organs;
- age-related or postpartum changes (vaginal distension, low tone of the vaginal walls, excessive dryness, urinary incontinence, erosion, cervical dysplasia);
- decreased sensitivity in the intimate area;
- dissatisfaction with the quality of sex life.

Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO provides the following services in the field of aesthetic gynecology:
- Laser fractional whitening / rejuvenation of intimate areas
- Laser treatment of urinary incontinence
- Intimate contouring of the labia majora or G-spot
- Plasmolifting (PRP)
- Laser resurfacing of scars up to 10 cm

Manipulation can take place with or without local anesthesia. Average duration is 30 minutes. To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to take a course, and not a one-time procedure.

Expected Result:
- improving the elasticity of the tissues of the intimate zone;
- the return of tone to the muscles of the vagina;
- moisturizing the mucous membrane;
- treatment of urinary incontinence;
- increased libido, exacerbation of sensitivity;
- aesthetic effect (elimination of scars, scars, elimination of signs of aging, illumination of areas with hyperpigmentation).

Why choose aesthetic gynecology at the DAHNO clinic?
- manipulations are carried out on an innovative device that has proven its safety and effectiveness in use;
- the procedures are performed by experienced specialists of the clinic, who are proficient in the technique;
- injection treatment and laser treatment are non-traumatic and does not require long-term recovery;
- the effect of the procedures significantly improves the quality of a woman's life.

Do you have certain problems or inconveniences in your intimate sphere? Share your complaints with the gynecologist of the DAHNO clinic. The doctor will tell you in detail about a painless and safe way to solve them.

Aesthetic gynecology

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