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IVF programs


DAHNO Clinic means a successful experience in infertility treatment since 1992. Everyone who contacted us with a problem must return from us with a child. To achieve this goal, we use a whole arsenal of techniques for assisted reproductive technologies.
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Which program should you choose?

If IVF is necessary, the reproductive physician selects a personal treatment plan based on a detailed assessment of your medical history and the individual characteristics of your body.
Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO offers basic programs, consisting of a set of services and complex package offers.

Can I use the program without taking medications?

The clinic successfully implements programs in the natural menstrual cycle without the use of hormonal drugs and offers various treatment protocols with minimal drug support (mild stimulation).

What are the features of package services?

The indisputable advantages of DAHNO complex packages are:
- efficiency:
еach of the packages is unified long-term experience of successful programs. We select the best protocols creating a new package. The composition of the programs is thought out to the smallest detail.
- low cost:
the package is more profitable, especially if you use prepayment.
- safety:
buying medicines from dubious sources, you run the risk of stumbling upon a fake, non-compliance with storage conditions, ets. Our clinic guarantees the high quality of drugs, confirmed by many years of experience in their use. We also strictly adhere to the required storage regime. An important aspect in the selection of medicines and their dosage, which is always guided by the clinic, is the safety for the health of the mother and her child.

Package propositions
Basic program фото 98
Basic program
41900 UAH
Premium package фото 59
Premium package
75000 UAH
Additional programs
Sperm cryopreservation, 3 biodoses (without sperm storage and storage)
3000 UAH
Why choose DAHNO? фото 57
Why choose DAHNO?
Number one in the field of infertility treatment in Ukraine
We have been implementing advanced treatment methods for 27 years
We use equipment and standards of international level
We take care of your comfort throughout the treatment period
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The cost of the consultation
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Your safety and a positive result are the main rules of our work!