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Modern medicine works wonders: now you can postpone the moment of birth for the desired period. This will be helped by a unique reproductive technology - cryopreservation of embryos and gametes. The freezing procedure opens up new perspectives in reproductive medicine and provides tremendous opportunities for donors and patients with various reproductive disorders.
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What are the indications for the cryopreservation of germ cells?

- the patient's age (recommended for women aged 32-35 who are not planning a pregnancy in the near future)
- surgical intervention on the genitals;
- a complicated gynecological or somatic history in women or a sharp deterioration in spermogram indices in men;
- oncological diseases of various localization before the start of chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
- professional activities associated with health risks (work in the area of ​​high radiation, chemical industry, military service, etc.).

What methods of saving are possible?

Dahno Clinic offers egg vitrification, sperm cryopreservation, and embryo freezing.

What type of storage is best for each specific family, the spouses decide on their own, taking into account the recommendations of the reproductive physician. Most often, the choice follows from the individual life situation.

Why can we be entrusted with the most valuable?

The Dahno clinic has its own cryobank with an autonomous power supply system and round-the-clock supervision of personnel. Our specialists have extensive experience in the embryological department and have the latest cryopreservation techniques, which are the least traumatic for cells.

* To select the optimal treatment tactics and choose a package, prior consultation with a reproductive doctor is mandatory.

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Why choose DAHNO?
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We have been implementing advanced treatment methods for 27 years
We use equipment and standards of international level
We take care of your comfort throughout the treatment period
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