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The key to women's health is an attentive attitude to their body and the regularity of examinations in specialized doctors. The first place among the main female specialists is occupied by a gynecologist and a mammologist. These doctors need to be visited prophylactically at least once a year. Dahno Institute of Reproductive Medicine offers mammology services.
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Careful attention to the mammary glands - why is it important?

The mammary gland is a vulnerable target organ that immediately reacts to a woman's hormonal and even psychological state. Stress, bad habits, ecology and lifestyle become the cause of the development of pathological processes in the mammary glands, which can be stopped by timely diagnosis. Among the most common and serious diagnoses that require early detection and treatment is breast cancer.

What does a mammologist appointment include?

The doctor examines the breasts, performs an ultrasound or mammogram, and advises on the results.

When is an urgent need to see a doctor?

Do not postpone a visit to a mammologist if you notice:
- chest pain or discomfort;
- changes in the shape or color of the skin of the breast;
- seal;
- the appearance of discharge from the nipples or their deformation.

What are the advantages of consulting a mammologist at DAHNO Kyiv?

We are chosen for the following important aspects:
- many years of experience;
- expert class equipment;
- diagnostic accuracy;
- the effectiveness of treatment.

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Why choose DAHNO?
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