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One of the obligatory "male" doctors, who need to be visited regularly, is a urologist-andrologist. This is a specialist who specializes in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the male reproductive system, physiologically closely related to the urinary tract. Regular check-ups preserve and restore reproductive health, preventing the development of inflammatory or other malignant processes. We should not forget that the male factor of infertility is manifested as determining, according to recent studies, in 40 cases out of 100.
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What questions should you ask a doctor andrologist?

The urologist-andrologist at the DAHNO clinic offers the patient an individual examination algorithm, explains the features and the necessity for each of its stages. High efficiency was achieved by the specialists of the Institute in identifying and treating the following pathologies:
- male infertility of various genesis;
- prostate adenoma;
- erectile disfunction;
- prostatitis;
- vesiculitis;
- orchitis;
- hidden genital infections.

What does the diagnosis include?

The Dahno clinic, having at its disposal a modern diagnostic base, offers men a comprehensive examination:
- laboratory tests of urine, blood and prostate secretions (checking the hormonal profile, tumor markers, genital infections, general tests)
- spermogram and MAR-test;
- Ultrasound of the genitourinary system with Doppler.

Can you have a testicular biopsy?

If the analysis of the spermogram showed a decrease in the ability of the sperm to fertilize to azoospermia (the absence of sperm in the ejaculate), the doctor will suggest one of the procedures, that can use the patient's gametes to fertilize eggs and achieve conception. The opportunity to become a biological father will be provided by the invasive methods of germ cell extraction, which are carried out in DAHNO:

- aspiration from the testicle through the skin (percutaneous) - TESA;
- aspiration from the epididymis through the skin (percutaneous) - PESA;
- open testicular biopsy - TESE;
- open testicular biopsy - MESA.

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Why choose DAHNO?
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