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Let's make the dream of becoming parents come true!


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Today Dahno Clinic is a modern, innovative medical center with international fame. Every day we improve ourselves and our qualifications, following the technical innovations in the field of reproductive medicine. We do all this for the sake of a single mission - the conception and birth of a new life. Introducing new products, we sacredly keep the memory of Fуdіr Vlasovich Dahno, who taught us dedication and attentiveness to the smallest details in the business he started. A highly qualified team, modern equipment and access to the latest assisted reproductive technologies - all our knowledge, skills and energy are aimed at fulfilling your dream - the birth of a healthy child. We do not stop there and we are sure that nothing is impossible.

- The first and best in Ukraine in the field of infertility treatment;
- We have been implementing advanced treatment methods for 27 years;
- We use equipment and standards of international level;
- We care about your comfort throughout the treatment period.

Life is born here!

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Why choose DAHNO
Number one in the field of infertility treatment in Ukraine
We have been implementing advanced treatment methods for 27 years
We use equipment and standards of international level
We take care of your comfort throughout the treatment period
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Your safety and a positive result are the main rules of our work!

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Center of Reproductive Medicine of Professor Dahno

- we introduce the latest technologies, diagnostic and treatment methods in the field of reproductive medicine.

- individual and complex medical treatment programs. The team's work is aimed at achieving one goal - the birth of a healthy child while maintaining the health of the mother.

- international experience. We carry out infertility treatment programs jointly with foreign clinics. We are trusted not only by residents of Ukraine, but also by foreign patients and partners.

- A team of world-class highly qualified professionals. Our clinic's fertility specialists are members of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

- The caring medical staff strives to provide each patient and his family members with sensitivity and maximum comfort.

- We use expert class equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. We pay more attention to accurate diagnosis to achieve better results in the treatment of diseases, manipulations

About Dahno

Over the past 27 years, a lot of clinics dealing with assisted reproductive technologies have appeared in Ukraine. 

But let's remember how it all began in our country. In 1992, the Dahno`s Laboratory was opened. One of the first clinics specialized in the treatment of infertility. Fedir Vlasovych Dahno, the ideological inspirer and founder, by the time the Laboratory was founded, had been working on the problem of sterile marriages for several decades. On the basis of this clinic of reproductive medicine, educational events were held for future specialists of the country. We can say that the Dahno`s Laboratory is the first reproductive clinic in Kyiv. By 1994, Dahno`s Laboratory grew into the Institute of Reproductive Medicine. As a clinic for reproductive medicine, the Institute is still engaged in the treatment of infertility of the most varied complexity. Patients from both Ukraine and other countries of the world apply to us. Several years ago Dahno (ex. IRM) changed its location. Our center for reproductive medicine is located in a separate building on the territory of the Regional Hospital in Kyiv. The Dahno`s Clinic (ex. IRM) is a private medical institution, although it is located next to a public hospital. Despite the private form of ownership, even during the creation of our clinic, the principles of accessibility of medical care and openness to our patients were laid.


The Dahno`s clinic has more than 27 years of experience in the successful treatment of infertility. But in this area, experience is only one part of a good result. In the matter of conceiving children, every little thing is important. Our embryology laboratory is equipped with excellent equipment. Only trained specialists with a sufficient level of competence in this area can perform manipulations on our equipment. Consumables, if they are used in the most important procedures and manipulations, are used exclusively by trusted European manufacturers. Naturally, the quality of the material can affect the result of the procedure performed. In such a matter, you cannot risk it. Our clinic for reproductive medicine in Kiev, first of all, is a well-coordinated team of medical personnel. Each doctor working at the Institute, in addition to a probationary period, undergoes training under the supervision of one of the more experienced mentors. In this way, junior professionals learn from their successful colleagues. Reproductive medicine services in Ukraine are no longer inferior to European ones in terms of the level of services provided, but specialists still turn to abroad for new knowledge. Doctors of the Dahno`s clinic are frequent guests of international conferences; this is one of the important aspects of work in our clinic. Innovation is the second part of a good clinic result.

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