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IVF programs

For the birth of a new life, the fusion of the male and female germ cells is necessary. The complex system of the human body ensures the meeting of sperm and ovum. But if there are violations in the anatomical structures, then natural conception may be impossible.

In cases where nature is powerless, modern methods of infertility treatment help.

One of the most effective methods of overcoming infertility is in vitro fertilization (IVF). 
It got its name from the Latin "extra" "corpus" – literally means "outside the body".

 IVF is synonymous with scientific terms: in vitro fertilization ("in glass"), or IVF (in vitro fertilization). And for patients with complex forms of infertility, artificial insemination means the only chance of having a genetically related baby.

Each of the Dakhno`s treatment programs is an individually selected complex of services, thought out to the smallest detail. Ask your doctor which package is best for you.

And keep in mind that the most valuable thing in reproductive treatment is time. Timely contacting an IVF clinic - is the key to success.
The Dakhno`s Institute of Reproductive Medicine is an international clinic. While undergoing treatment with us, you choose the advanced experience of European clinics, high efficiency of treatment and impeccable service. And at the same time, the price for IVF in Kiev is much lower than in Europe.