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It is extremely important for every woman to choose a gynecologist whom you can trust and whom you want to contact both with health complaints and with a preventive purpose. Specialists of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO consider taking care of the health of women at any age a priority task of their work.
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How is the first appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist going?

A visit to a gynecologist at the Dahno clinic includes:

- talking with the patient about her complaints, entering information into the medical record and making a preliminary diagnosis;

- review and assessment of the condition of the female genital organs (vagina, uterus) on the gynecological chair using a gynecological mirror;

- collection of vaginal material (smears) for bacteriological, cytological studies or to identify sexually transmitted infections;

- ultrasound;

- prescription for additional analyzes and tests (blood and urine tests, etc.), if necessary;

- recommendations for treatment, if pathologies and diseases were detected.

What should you pay attention while choosing a women's health clinic and "your" gynecologist?

Important aspects in making a decision are:
- a reliable and professional doctor who can be trusted;
- modern equipment;
- own laboratory for accurate and prompt diagnostics;
- warm atmosphere.

Why do women choose DAHNO Clinic?

The Clinic has the necessary equipment for the successful treatment of dysplasia, erosion or other pathologies of the cervix, minimally invasive surgical interventions are performed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes (hysteroscopy, curettage). The extensive capabilities of our own laboratory allow you to quickly conduct clarifying tests to confirm or deny the diagnosis. It is difficult to underestimate the possibility of additional consultation and diagnosis in related specialists (mammologist, endocrinologist, immunologist) in case of complex disorders that are beyond the competence of one doctor. The principle of collegiality and medical consultation allows a detailed assessment of women's health disorders and to achieve the best result in treatment.

In addition, the Clinic provides services of aesthetic gynecology, which is designed to solve a number of delicate problems without surgery: age-related and postpartum changes, aesthetic defects of the genital organs, decreased sensitivity in the intimate sphere, and the like.

The formula for safe and comfortable observation at DAHNO is experienced doctors, expert-class equipment and attention to the smallest detail.

We can be trusted with the most valuable thing - your health!

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Why choose DAHNO?
Number one in the field of infertility treatment in Ukraine
We have been implementing advanced treatment methods for 27 years
We use equipment and standards of international level
We take care of your comfort throughout the treatment period
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