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The main task of the andrological department of DAHNO is to preserve male reproductive health and to help a man realize his right to be called "dad". The urologist-andrologist strives to identify and eliminate problems related to male health and sexual function. For the successful implementation of this task, the specialists of the Clinic are trained in the best international treatment centers, actively participate in world scientific events, following the latest approaches in diagnosis and treatment.
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What does the urologist-andrologist treat?

The man's urinary tract is combined with the genital tract. Therefore, medical practice has a separate line - urology-andrology. Andrology deals with specific problems in the male genital tract. One of the most urgent appeals to a specialist in this field is male infertility.

What examinations does a man need to undergo?

The first step in finding out the reasons for the malfunction of the genitourinary system is to consult a doctor. The urologist-andrologist collects and records the patient's medical history, paying attention to the lifestyle, the presence of risk factors affecting fertility, and also conducts an examination. The main examination, which makes it possible to draw the first conclusions, is the study of the ejaculate - spermogram. Sometimes additional tests are prescribed:
- MAP test;
- Hormonal tests;
- Tumor markers;
- Infection panel;
- Ultrasound examination, ets.

How long does the examination take, how is the treatment going?

Usually a complete diagnosis is made within 1-2 consultations.

Most of the causes, including infertility of unknown origin, are successfully treated by DAHNO specialists. The urologist-andrologist always works closely with the reproductive therapist, considering the couple as a paired patient. It can be both a treatment for natural conception and the use of assisted reproductive technologies in the case of a critical decrease in sperm count.

An important aspect of achieving success in treatment is timely treatment. We treat the most complex cases of urological problems and disorders of the reproductive system.

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Why choose DAHNO?
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