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Donor programs



There are forms of infertility when nature is powerless, and the desired pregnancy can only be achieved with the help of a donor biomaterial. Dahno Clinic offers highly productive programs using donor sperm/oocytes/embryos.
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Is it possible to meet the donor personally?

Donation is an anonymous program. That is, an infertile couple cannot personally know the donor (except if they apply to the Clinic with their own donor - a relative or acquaintance).

How is donor selection carried out?

The couple is given the opportunity to choose a donor by phenotype - height, weight, hair and eye color, nationality, education, ets. The compliance of the egg or sperm donor with blood group and Rh factor is checked by the clinic staff. Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO has its own extensive donor base, including a stock of cryopreserved germ cells, ready for use, and high success rates of donor programs.

Who can donate?

Mandatory conditions for donors of biological material:
- the presence of their own healthy child (birth certificate);
- no phenotypic defects (pronounced defects in appearance)
- psychological and somatic health, absence of hereditary diseases (confirmed in the laboratory)
- no bad habits.

All candidates for donors are examined by specialists to ensure excellent health and no contraindications for further use of their biological material. The specialists of the DAHNO clinic carefully approach the selection of the optimal option for a married / single woman from the donor catalog, which is as close as possible to the appearance and meets the other wishes of patients.

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Why choose DAHNO?
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