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Treatment of male infertility



The myth that the cause of infertility lies in the female body has long been refuted. The proportion of male infertility reaches 46-48%. Treatment of the male factor is successfully carried out by the leading doctors of DAHNO. Innovative equipment and high qualifications of DAHNO specialists, who are fluent in a wide range of therapeutic manipulations, make it possible to overcome complex forms of male infertility.
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What are the causes of male infertility?

First of all, the doctor determines the cause of infertility. It is important to understand that the inability to conceive often occurs for a variety of reasons. In addition, the patient may be irreversibly sterile: due to congenital features of the body; due to infectious diseases (for example, suffered from mumps), as a result of injuries or operations.

In the vast majority of cases, infertility in men can be considered a condition rather than a pathology. And it is easy to eliminate.
For this purpose in DAHNO complex diagnostics and treatment of male infertility by effective, time-tested, methods is carried out.

What treatments for male infertility are used?

The Institute of Reproductive Medicine is one of the first clinics in Ukraine to start using assisted reproductive technologies. To date, the clinic successfully uses the following methods that return men the opportunity to become a father:

ICSI (ICSI) - intracytoplasmic injection of sperm, means the introduction of the patient's sperm into the egg of his partner, so that the thus obtained viable embryo can be further implanted in her uterus;

IMSI (IMSI) - intracytoplasmic injection of morphologically normal sperm, pre-selected under a microscope - the most mobile and formed, without defects, in the egg;

PICSI (PICSI) - the introduction into the egg of a sperm that has been selected in two stages: visual assessment under a microscope for motility and the absence of defects, followed by testing for interaction with hyaluronic acid to identify the most mature full-fledged cells.


Do you perform a testicular biopsy?

Yes, the specialists of the Dahno Clinic successfully perform a testicular biopsy when it is not possible to obtain ejaculate in another way. Surgical collection of spermatozoa is performed by the following methods:

TESA is the most gentle biopsy method: under local anesthesia, a thin needle is inserted through the skin of the scrotum into the testicle, through which fluid enters the syringe, which is immediately examined to detect live spermatozoa;

 TESE is a method of extracting sperm from testicular tissue obtained as a result of biopsy through a small incision in the scrotum;

micro-TESE is the most effective way to study testicular areas under a microscope to identify promising viable mature spermatozoa without defects for subsequent IVF.

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