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Privacy policy

The participation of married couples in assisted reproductive technology programs creates a number of important rights and responsibilities for both patients and the medical institution that provides these services. The legal service of the Dahno Clinic accompanies all stages and monitors the proper documentation of programs. This aspect is extremely important in the protection of patients' rights.

The primary priority when patients contact the DAHNO reproductive center is to maintain complete confidentiality. The clinic properly protects information about patients and does not allow its disclosure. This is information not only about the results of diagnostics, the established diagnosis, the methods of treatment performed, but also about the very fact of contacting a medical institution.

We appreciate your trust. At any stage of your interaction with the DAHNO clinic, we suggest you   to contact with the legal department for free with questions that bother you. After all, the patient and the medical institution are partners who have a common goal, the achievement of which gives rise to important legal aspects.