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Infertility treatment



If you ask where to treat infertility, you have applied to the address. The DAHNO Institute of Reproductive Medicine is an advanced international clinic, the equipment of which allows to establish and overcome infertility. Treatment is carried out according to modern methods under the supervision of experienced highly qualified doctors.
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According to statistics, there are more than 48 million couples in the world who have difficulty conceiving. There are 1 million of them in Ukraine, and every year more and more families turn to reproductive medicine clinics for help in giving birth to healthy children. The DAHNO Clinic successfully diagnoses and treats male and female infertility: more than 500 new lives are born every year thanks to our doctors.

What are the ways to overcome the diagnosis of infertility?

Experienced doctors will select and walk with you the path to pregnancy. Corrective treatment of the revealed pathology or application of one of techniques of reproductive technologies (insemination or IVF) can be offered.

What are the benefits of infertility treatment in DAHNO?

- successful experience of treatment in the field of IVF since 1992;
- complete confidentiality;
- a team of reproductive specialists, embryologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, urologists, andrologists and geneticists of international class;
- innovative embryological laboratory with its own Cryobank;
- modern high-precision equipment of companies - world leaders in their field, which allows you to accurately diagnose infertility, treat it effectively;
- wide possibilities of diagnostics of own state-of-the-art laboratory;
- joint projects with reproductive clinics of near and far abroad;
- priority in the implementation of European and American assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine;
- energy autonomy: individual water, energy and heat supply, as well as ventilation and air purification system, which allow to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation of the clinic;
- individual approach to each patient.

For psychological and physical comfort at each visit for our patients created a special atmosphere of care and support. The clinic is equipped with "Clean Room" technology in accordance with high international standards, so it is always cozy and comfortable.

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Why choose DAHNO?
Number one in the field of infertility treatment in Ukraine
We have been implementing advanced treatment methods for 27 years
We use equipment and standards of international level
We take care of your comfort throughout the treatment period
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Your safety and a positive result are the main rules of our work!