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Pregnancy management



Pregnancy is a wonderful period, which is best enjoyed with the support and professional advice of experienced doctors. DAKHNO`s specialists know for sure that two strips on the test may be somewhat long-awaited and make every effort to make the waiting for the baby carefree and easy.
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What is the difference between a natural pregnancy and a pregnancy after IVF?

Pregnancy after the use of assisted reproductive technologies differs from the natural one, except that the level of anxiety of the expectant mother, who has long fought for a little happiness under the heart. However, sometimes even experienced gynecologists are afraid to accompany pregnancy after IVF.

DAHNO women's clinic specialists understand all the medical nuances of such a pregnancy and always pay attention to important details, such as:
- a diagnosis due to which the couple could not get pregnant;
- the necessity for additional medical and psychological support;
- IVF technique used during treatment, etc.

What does pregnancy support include?

The complex program that is used in the DAHNO clinic fully complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

First of all, this is a careful monitoring of the development of the fetus with the diagnosis of possible anomalies and careful monitoring of the health of the expectant mother.

The pregnancy monitoring contract provides for:
- registration of all necessary medical documentation;
- examinations and consultations of a gynecologist with appropriate recommendations and prescriptions;
- Ultrasound screening of the fetus with 4D imaging;
- consultation of a therapist with an ECG;
- laboratory tests, including genetic screening of fetal development.

What are the benefits of pregnancy care in DAHNO?

Pregnancy management in a specialized reproductive center is:
- professional consultations of experienced and attentive doctors,
- equipment of expert class, which is a guarantee of diagnostic accuracy and will turn every ultrasound examination into an unforgettable experience thanks to 3D / 4D technology;
- fast and high-precision analysis in its own laboratory, which is equipped with innovative equipment;
- friendliness of the staff of the Clinic with more than 20 years of experience and an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Is it possible to monitor a pregnancy at the Clinic's doctors without registration?

You can apply to DAHNO both for full support of pregnancy, and for reception of expert opinion on questions concerning you. To perform routine ultrasound or perform additional genetic tests and procedures aimed at detecting pathologies of fetal development: genetic screening; chorionic villus biopsy, amniocentesis, non-invasive prenatal test, etc.

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