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Pregnancy planning



The realization that conceiving a child naturally is not easy and does not work takes many couples by surprise. Our experts strongly recommend not to waste time waiting for a miracle, but also not to panic, and contact a specialized medical institution - Pregnancy Planning Clinics. Residents of all regions of Ukraine and many countries of the world turn to the DAHNO clinic for help. To ensure the effectiveness of the visit, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the stages of the patient's path to pregnancy.
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Initial examination and doctor's consultation

For the consultation, bring the results of all available medical examinations, documentation of past illnesses and operations, conclusions of specialists from other clinics, if you have contacted them. For a better acquaintance with the situation and the choice of a survey program, it is necessary to be present at the first consultation of both partners. Statistics show that in almost an equal number of cases, a female or male factor of infertility is revealed, and otherwise both partners have a problem. The most important moment of the first consultation is a confidential and informative conversation with a fertility specialist. After studying the provided medical documentation, an individual scheme for a comprehensive gynecological examination will be developed, including ultrasound of the ovaries and uterus and an assessment of the ovarian reserve. A man undergoes a sperm examination of an ejaculate sample (spermogram).


Based on the results of the primary appointment, the fertility doctor supervising the couple gives a full consultation and prescribes an additional examination. The clinic's specialist will offer a personalized treatment method that takes into account both the diagnosis and the individual physiological characteristics of the body. The patient is informed in detail about the content and features of the protocol, receives a full justification of the proposed treatment.

Treatment program

When deciding to start treatment, it should be remembered that the standard course in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) programs lasts about 1 month. Depending on the specifics of a particular case, it may be necessary to have special preparation for the protocol.

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Why choose DAHNO?
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