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Sperm counts are within normal limits, but pregnancy does not occur. This means that the reason must be sought elsewhere. The Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO has a modern embryological laboratory, which conducts additional research, including MAR-test. Based on the results of the analysis, urologist-andrologist consults and interprets the results of the analysis.
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What is the MAP test for?

To exclude the immunological factor of infertility, the doctor may recommend the MAP test. This is an additional study that is performed along with a spermogram. The purpose of the test is to detect antibodies in semen. Antisperm antibodies can be produced by the human body against its own germ cells. These antibodies block the ability of the sperm to interact with the egg - that is, to fertilize.

The result of the MAR-test is the percentage of normal active-motile spermatozoa coated with ACAT (antisperm antibodies) to the total number of normal sperm.

What is the preparation for the MAR-test?

Preparation for it is similar to a spermogram: 3-4 days of sexual abstinence, refusal from alcohol, baths/saunas.

What is the research cost?

The price of the MAR-test is 800 UAH.

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