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Psychological support

Most couples who are diagnosed with infertility are looking for a problem in their body. Quite often a comprehensive examination does not show any abnormalities, but pregnancy does not occur. We always heal the body, forgetting about the soul and our subconscious. For some reason, only a small percentage of patients turn to a specialist in reproductive psychology or a perinatal psychologist.
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Why does reproductive medicine not only care about the body?

Absence of pregnancy for a long time upsets and devastates. The constant reproductive pressure of "good" intentions of loved ones in the form of questions about plans for children or even toasts - wishes of children's laughter also does its job. Sometimes a woman has a conflict between the opinion of others that it is high time, and their own psychological readiness for motherhood. In addition, incorrect reminders that time flies, leave a mark on the emotional state, which is already the result of long examinations, treatment is often unstable.

How does it work?

Unfortunately, we do not always mention the importance of psychological support and the necessity for emotional well-being. The psychologist of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO will help to relieve anxiety and overcome internal fears. Interacting with a reproductive psychologist in the early stages of infertility treatment or conception planning helps in achieving the desired result.

We noted that after consulting a specialist in human souls, the effectiveness of treatment of the human body increases significantly.

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Why choose DAHNO?
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