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Medical support of singleton pregnancy (12-40 weeks)

The desire to take care of your own child is natural. The trigger of all-encompassing love is the happy news that another little heart is beating in you. Since then, the future mother's life has changed forever. There is a wonderful and responsible period of waiting for a baby.

Pregnancy is not only the joy of learning the incredible potential of your body and a unique acquaintance with the temperament of the child at the stage of pregnancy. These are also anxieties and fears that so need the attention and support of a doctor. Therefore, caring for a future mother and her child does not begin with the maternity hospital, but with the choice of a clinic for pregnancy registration.

What does the medical support for a singleton pregnancy (12-40 weeks) include?

First of all, it is a dynamic monitoring of fetal development and health of the pregnant woman. For 9 months, every expectant mother undergoes a considerable list of laboratory tests and ultrasound examinations.  This component of the pregnant woman`s patronage is the most important. After all, they check the health of the baby and mother. 

The latest equipment of the Dahno clinic, the presence of a high-precision laboratory, the experience and responsiveness of doctors make a woman calm and happy, and pleasant every visit to the medical center. Thanks to the capabilities of 3D / 4D visualization of modern ultrasound devices, a scheduled check-up becomes not only a necessary check-up, but a real incredible experience of contemplating the development of a baby.

Another component of pregnancy management is the preparation of medical documentation, which will be needed both for going on maternity leave without problems, and for doctors at the maternity hospital. This will be fully taken care of by your experienced doctor, taking into account all the requirements of the current legislation and the requests and expectations of medical colleagues.

Do not forget about the psychological and physical comfort of the pregnant woman. It's no secret that a pregnant woman is often characterized by anxiety and sometimes even inattention. Therefore, a doctor who not only diagnoses, but also calms, dispels anxiety and controls all the necessary tests is simply a must-have for every pregnant woman. All divisions of the Dahno Clinic, from the reception to the nurses of the manipulation room, take care of your peace and comfort, are sensitive to your fears and needs. That is why it is a pleasure to be observed with us, as our patients say.

Pregnancy support at the DAHNO`s Institute of Reproductive Medicine is accompanied by experienced doctors and a comprehensive package of services that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the high expectations of our patients. We will be glad to share with you the joy and anxieties of 9 unique months of happiness.

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