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Causes of male infertility

Are the causes of male infertility as important as they say?

Couple infertility - male or female?

The diagnosis of "infertility" is made if conception in a couple who has a regular sex life and does not resort to contraception does not occur within a year. Traditionally, it is believed that the inability to conceive a child is primarily the fault of the woman. However, statistics show the opposite: in couples faced with the problem of infertility, the reason lies in the man in 40%, or even in half of all cases. We can safely say that the causes of infertility in men play a significant role in the couple's ability to conceiving a child. It should be noted that not only infertility (male or female) is the reason for the impossibility of conceiving a child in a couple. There are cases when two perfectly healthy (in terms of reproductive function) people cannot conceive for a long period of time. In this case, they talk about the immunological incompatibility of the couple. But such cases are quite rare and account for no more than 15% of all cases.

How does the male reproductive system work?

In order to understand what the causes of infertility in men can be, you first need to understand what the male reproductive system is and how it functions. Sperm production, like testosterone, occurs in the testicles. After it matures in the epididymis (the organ responsible for sperm nutrition), as a result of which the spermatozoa become mobile, it goes to the seminal vesicles, in which it remains until the moment it is ejected during ejaculation.

Delivery of sperm from the epididymis to the seminal vesicles is carried out through the vas deferens. During ejaculation the fluid from the seminal vesicles is mixed with the secretion of the prostate, after which the resulting mixture is released
Male fertility is determined, first of all, by the normal course of the process of formation and maturation of sperm. This process is carried out in the male body under the influence of 3 hormones: LH, FSH and well-known testosterone. The main causes of male infertility, as is commonly believed, are a blockage of the channel through which sperm should be ejected (obstructive), and dysfunction of one of the glands, as a result of which the secret of these glands ceases to be secreted or changes its composition (secretory). If we consider the first option, then the remaining causes of male infertility are:

low sperm motility;

The causes of male infertility are also related to sperm quality. Sperm motility is an extremely important factor for fertilization. If the spermatozoa are sufficiently mobile, then the fertilization of the egg can occur even with a small amount of spermatozoa in the semen. The causes of infertility in men can be different. However, there are a number of factors that can provoke a violation in a man's reproductive function: 

As can be seen from the above list, in almost half of the cases, male infertility, its causes (to be more precise), which provoked the emergence and development of the disease, could be eliminated by changing lifestyles and paying more attention to their health, otherwise in case of necessary treatment of infertility. In our country, the culture of health is generally not well developed. Men and women often do not adhere to the basics of a healthy diet, ignore diseases that can affect not only the possibility of childbearing. The way of life can be described as short-sighted, few people think about the state of their health after 10-20 years. Many of the current causes of infertility in men and women might not have such an impact on the body if we paid enough attention to taking care of our bodies every day.

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