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The Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO in the treatment of infertility offers patients in Kiev and Ukraine a method of assisted reproductive technologies - surrogate motherhood.

Surrogate motherhood is a fertile ground for disputes on moral and ethical topics. The opponents of this assisted reproductive method, far more numerous than the supporters, make religious and psychological arguments about its unnatural nature. At the same time, what could be more natural than a woman's desire to bear and give birth to a blood child?

Surrogacy in Ukraine

The surrogacy program is recommended for the following compelling indications and reasons:

A surrogate mother can be a somatically and mentally healthy woman, which is confirmed by the results of a comprehensive examination, from 18 to 35 years old, who has her own healthy child. Appearance at the same time should not have pronounced inherited defects and signs. It is impossible to become a surrogate mother without the written consent of the husband.

A married couple seeking help from a surrogate mother should understand that the surrogate motherhood program requires significant efforts and material costs. It includes the following basic medical, accompanying and supporting services, which entail financial costs:

Surrogate motherhood: сosts  in Ukraine

If you are interested in the question of how much surrogacy costs in Ukraine, then we must pay your attentionfor a number of factors affect the final cost. At the Institute of Reproductive Medicine DAHNO, the financial reward is discussed with the surrogate mother and legally documented.

During the discussing the payment for services, its size is assumed in the following cases: complete success of the program upon its completion; failures in the IVF protocol or miscarriage due to objective medical reasons for pregnancy; the availability of monthly payments, if they are made by agreement of the parties.

At the DAHNO’s clinic, we offer to a future parents medical and legal support for this IVF program:

More about surrogacy in the Order of the Ministry of Health No. 787 “On approval of the Procedure for the use of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine ” (section 6).

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