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ICSI (ICSI method)

ICSI is a method of infertility treatment that involves the introduction (intracytoplasmic injection) of a sperm into an oocyte in an in vitro fertilization (IVF) program and the transfer of embryos into the woman's uterine cavity.

ICSI has been successfully used in our clinic since 1996. At the same time, the first child in Ukraine was conceived under the program of in vitro fertilization + ICSI under the guidance of Professor Dahno F.V. Due to the expansion of indications for the use of the ICSI method, it is now actively used in most clinics in Ukraine.

The introduction of sperm into the cytoplasm of the egg

In vitro fertilization (IVF) requires more than a million motile sperm to successfully fertilize an egg. At the lowered sperm parameters, the probability of fertilization sharply decreases and the expediency of using in vitro fertilization is questionable. But even in such cases, patients have a chance to get a genetically related child - to use ICSI.

This additional method increases the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization. That is why the program of fertilization using ICSI is often called IVF + ICSI.

Due to the detailed selection of mature eggs and quality sperm, as well as "targeted" fertilization, ICSI procedure in patients with severe male infertility provides performance at the level of classic IVF and even slightly higher.

When and how is ICSI performed?

The main difference between the IVF and ICSI procedures compared to the classical in vitro fertilization is that after the egg collection, one specially selected sperm is introduced into each of them. To do this, the sperm is placed in a micro needle, which is used to pierce the shiny membrane of the egg, and thus injected into the cytoplasm.

This complex micromanipulation is carried out under a microscope that magnifies the image by 400 times, and allows you to achieve a positive result even in the presence of a single live spermatozoon.

Further fertilization control, development of embryos, selection of the highest quality ones for transfer to the uterine cavity are performed in the same way as in the in vitro fertilization program.

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Who is recommended ICSI

IVF + ICSI is recommended:

At the same time it is possible to receive sperms for ICSI both from an ejaculate, and from testicles or their appendages.

ICSI method: the price of the procedure

The formation of the final price is influenced by a number of factors of IVF ICSI, the cost depends on the total number of services that are assigned after diagnosis and examination.

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