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Кріоконсервація яйцеклітин

Cryopreservation of eggs

Egg cryopreservation is a modern reproductive technology that allows a woman to conceive a child, despite the decline or loss of fertility.

Oocyte vitrification is the choice of women with complex gynecological diseases that will take a long time to treat. Their frozen eggs will be preserved in a fertile state.

Insure for the future

If an early menopause is inherited through the female line, and the birth of a child has to be postponed for the time being, it is also worth thinking about making a “stock” of material.

Insured in this way, women feel much calmer and do not twitch from the fact that their "train is about to leave." They can have a child whenever they want.

How much does egg freezing cost: price at DAKHNO clinic

You can find out in detail how much it costs to freeze an egg, prices for procedures and consultations by calling the Clinic or leaving a request for feedback - the coordinator will definitely call you back.

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