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Natalia Bodnar

Natalia Bodnar

Reproductive specialist
Work experience:since 2007
Knowledge of languages:English, Russian, Ukrainian

Priority areas of work: assisted reproductive technologies.

Рrofessional skills and abilities:
Diagnostics of the causes of couple infertility;
Treatment plan and selecting a drug support scheme for an IVF program;

Monitoring: ultrasound-controlled stimulation of superovulation, preparation of the endometrium;
Puncture of preovulatory follicles by transvaginal access; 
Embryo transfer;
Puncture of ovarian cysts by transvaginal access;
Insemination with the sperm of the husband (donor);
Treatment of hormonal disorders in women;
Diagnostics and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and other gynecological pathologies in women;
Pregnancy planning.

Doctor takes an active part in аll-Ukrainian and Foreign scientific conferences and symposia on obstetrics, gynecology, perinatology and reproductive medicine.

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